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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 741128.

Impact 1

GEECCO will “increase the number of RPOs and RFOs starting to implement gender equality plans pursuing the 3 objectives mentioned in the challenge”.

Tailor-made GEPs will be implemented in 4 European RPOs and 2 European RFOs, this will be achieved with a high level of community and stakeholders support. Attention will be given to awareness raising, communication processes, knowledge transfer and practice-based competence building as effective support for systemic change, by the implementation of commonly agreed quality standards and a dedicated WP providing gender training sessions adapted to local specific needs.

WP7 focuses on activities supporting RFOs in developing gender aware programmes and grants, in considering gender properly in evaluation procedures and building up gender expertise on the part of appraisers. The goal here is to ensure that consideration of the gender perspective forms an integral part of quality criteria for research grants. A well elaborated system of monitoring will be established, entailing the implementation of a thorough monitoring and evaluation plan by an external, impartial evaluator, and the design of context-specific assessment measures in order to better assess on-going changes and resistances against local legislative, institutional and scientific contexts.

To secure measurable and tangible results quantitative and qualitative targets in the GEPs will be set up and continuously monitored and evaluated. Key performance indicators2: Increased number of GEPs implemented; increased number of research funding programmes including a gender Dimension.

Impact 2

GEECCO will contribute to “removing barriers to the recruitment, retention and career progression of female researchers”, and thus will “contribute to the achievement of ERA objectives on gender equality”.

WP5 focusses on the implementation of GEPs, which support the increase of attractiveness of scientific careers for female students and researchers. This will also enhance recruitment and career progression of female researchers and secure good working conditions for female scientists. Through the removal of resistance patterns and unconscious gender bias from the practice of human resources, academic managements and researchers themselves, barriers to the recruitment and appraisal of female researchers will be overcome. Furthermore, the indicators could be applied to time series, where available, and then also in the past.

Key performance indicators: Increase of female percentage at different academic levels at the RPOs (gender balanced workforce statistics); increase of female researchers willing to proceed their career in academia; increase of female researchers acting as project leaders in RFO-funded projects.

Impact 3

GEECCO will contribute to “addressing gender imbalances in decision making processes”.

WP4 focusses on the implementation of GEPs which support the increase of gender balance in decision making in the RPO management and the promotion of gender-sensitive change of disciplinary cultures. Actually, such changes, such as e.g. establishing of quotas or gender impact assessments, will require more than four years (such as the project duration with 48 months) also according to specific recruitment and career progression rules in each country (in Italy this is a rather long process). But it is important to establish indicators that will be used not only for the project duration but mainly for the coming years.

Key performance indicators: Increase of women (number and percentage) in decision making bodies, advisory boards, juries, evaluation groups and panels in both RPOs and RFOs.

Impact 4

GEECCO will contribute to “strengthening the gender dimension in research programmes”, which will – due to the STEM-focus of the GEECCO-partners – also improve “the social value of innovations” and the fitness for purpose of innovative products.

WP6 focusses on the implementation of GEPs which support the integration of a gender dimension in applied research content and funding programmes in the STEM field. Moreover, actions will be set to include gender studies in teaching curricula of HEIs. Actions will be set to improve the quality of research by integrating a gender perspective and mainstreaming gender knowledge across all disciplinary fields in the STEM field.

Key performance indicators: Increase of proposals focussing gender dimension and implementing gender in research in their contents (gender related methods, research questions, R&D processes), increase of funded projects involving an expert in gender equality, increased number of (compulsory) lectures with focus on gender issues at HEIs in the STEM field.


Overall in medium and long term GEECCO’s activities will contribute to “the achievements of the European Research Area (ERA) in particular by increasing the number of female researchers, improving their careers and by integrating the gender dimension in STEM-related research – twofold: within the organisational structures of RPOs and within the funding programmes and schemes of RPOs.